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It’s a new year and that means a new undertaking for August Hour. It’s been a long time since we’ve blogged. It seems a little old fashioned at this point, or at least presumptuous to think that anyone would care about what some content creators think. Nonetheless, I guess I’ll shout into the abyss about the projects we work on, or people we meet along the way.

For 2017 I launched a podcast. It’s separate from the work of August Hour. It’s called Iconoclast of Things. I decided to take all the time I’ve spent interviewing people for the various bio videos, company profiles, etc. and put that to some social use.

You can check out the first episode at But better yet you can subscribe to it on iTunes HERE.

Juj has been adding tons of product to her shop at Society6 like this little gem right here

Ring Toss by Picturing Juj

So, we’re branching out here at August Hour. The time just felt right. Instead of sticking strictly to the old model of business-to-business type, hierarchical  relationships – ones that feel purely transactional and so removed from people who actually consume and use the products or services people ask us to help them with – we’re building a new model that is based on durable social ties and relationships directly with individuals.

People are trending towards smaller, more intimate and innovative products and brands. The data is everywhere. And the fact is, big companies can pretend they offer this, but with layers and layers of organizational hierarchy they can’t actually accomplish it. August Hour officially started 12 years ago. But the concept of working directly with people and helping them build what they envision was there when I began in 1997; 20 years ago.

What I’ve learned in those years is there is simply no more growth in Big. There’s a lot of rearranging the furniture. There’s a lot of pretense towards creating a notion that we’re all out there demanding the products and services of Big, but we are not.

Big has failed to see the forest fire for the trees.

Big Executives have spent too many years in an environment where lack of vision, failure to embrace the weird, unique, and obsessive details that you and I care about has left them completely out of touch with the people who buy what they’re selling.

Be nice. – Dalton (Road House, 1989)

A business is a collection of good people interacting with good people. Technology is secondary to people. Press releases are secondary to people. Finance is secondary to people. Relationships are the only currency in a business because without relationships you have no currency. And so by spending time focusing on relationships directly with people, by focusing on the weird, obsessive and unique August Hour goes forward differently, but probably closer to the way my grandfather acted when he ran his hardware store in Kansas City. Small is just sort of in my blood.